Refinishing and surfacing the bathroom in your residence is a cost-effective and efficient way to update your residential property. When thinking about home improvements, renovations and remodels are not always the answer. The team at NuFinishPro provides top-quality shower tile and tub services in Templeton, CA. The advantages of having our team refinish and resurface your shower, tile and bathroom surfaces mean a standard savings of approximately 75% over bathroom renovation.

NuFinishPro’s procedures will revitalize your house, breathing new life into it for less money than traditional home improvement methods. Along with good savings, we save a lot of effort as our shower tile and tub refinishing services are not as invasive as a renovation is. NuFinishPro refinishing can consist of the whole shower, the pan and all the tiles of your bathroom. With our contractors in Templeton, a new surface refinish will have your bathroom looking great.

Shower refinishing service

The Shower Tile and Tub Refinishing Services You Can Count On

Shower tile and tub refinishing work does wonders for chipped tiles or crumbling anti-slip coating. If your shower has seen better days, don’t wait to get an expert over to repair the problem. We work diligently to provide excellent results that you will be completely content with. The shower tile and tub refinishing services offered by NuFinishPro of Paso Robles are unparalleled since we handle our tasks with the utmost care and meticulous attention to detail.

Here are a few of the services our shower refinishing company can do for your home in Templeton:

  • Re-glazing glass shower doors
  • Shower tile repair
  • Resurfacing fiberglass shower pan
  • Shower tub re-glaze
  • Refinish bathroom shower
  • Repairing shower stall
  • Chemically clean shower pan
  • Patch up plumber cut-outs made to shower walls
  • Add drain liners to the shower stall
  • Apply non-skid floors
  • Utilize environmentally friendly construction

NuFinishPro’s shower refinishing team near Templeton understands how crucial it is having eco-friendly initiatives. We use green products and offer eco-friendly construction methods in order to prevent more waste in the landfills that are overflown. We’re careful about decreasing our carbon footprint and diminishing our contribution to a contaminated environment. When you pick NuFinishPro’s shower tile or tub refinishing services, you can be certain we’re recognizing these factors and doing our part to curtail contamination.

Being Reliable to Our Customers is What We’re About

Our company has been doing shower refinishing services in the Templeton, CA, area since 1987. Our shower refinishing team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service since our clients are priority number one. We also give high-quality shower refinishing services that are incomparable in the region. When you want shower refinishing services, you can trust our tried and true techniques to fix and resurface the shower in your house.

Contact Us for Shower Refinishing

Those residing in the Templeton, CA, area, can depend on our team of specialists to execute shower refinishing services. At NuFinishPro, we can improve the overall appearance, safety, and comfort of your bathroom with a shower tile refinishing. With such a vast selection, we’re confident you’ll have the shower you’ve been dreaming of. Call NuFinishPro of Paso Robles at 888-550-6583 to get a complimentary quote.

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